2015-2016 Advisory Board, Executive Officers and Committee Members

IMPORTANT NOTE:  All our executive officers, advisory board members, ambassadors and committee members are all VOLUNTEER POSITIONS.

Charter Members (are founding members; they were very involved during the incorporation in 2011):

The following Charter Members have special member privileges.  Their businesses are always welcome to participate at our events.  If you need more information feel free to contact the President-Founder, Marivic Gallimore at mgallimore@nrvbridalsandevents.org      

Marivic Gallimore, Elegance by Marivic LLC

Barbara Newton, SoCrystal.com

Remy Ozaraga, Nerium Independent Brand Partner

Bianca Norton, The Inn at VA Tech and Skelton Conference Center

John Fox, Tunes You Remember

Shannon Ainsley, Always & Forever Photo

Susan Hensley, Frost Feathers

Jill Darlington-Smith, Darlington-Smith Graphics & Promotions

Laura Matney, Laura’s Focus Photography

Bob Johnston, Silver Hearth Lodge

Lynda Rakes, Diamond V Farm

Gary Moench, Gizmo DJ Services

Ariel Junio, PixelScore.com

Executive & Advisory Board Members:

Marivic Gallimore (President-Founder), Elegance by Marivic LLC

Valerie Abbott-McCune, Val’s Vineyard

Jaya Matthews, A Memory for a Lifetime

Hannah Campbell, Beautiful Extras

Dee Dean, Mary Kay

Gary Moench, Gizmo DJ Services

Bob Johnston, Silver Hearth Lodge

Bianca Norton, Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center

Sara Brown, Assistant to the President (Aspiring Wedding Planner)

Trista Clevinger, Assistant to the President (Aspiring Wedding Planner)

Magazine Committee:

Marivic Gallimore, Managing Editor

Elmira Hamidi, Creative Marketing & Art Director

Kaitlin Shrekhise, Intern Editor (Spring 2015)

Shannon Ainsley, Contributing Photographer (2015)

Maya McMahon, Contributing Photographer (2015-2016)

Nicole Colwell, Contributing Photographer (2016)

Melissa Batman, Featured Photographer (2016)

Ariel Junio, Web Designer-Creator

Jessica Shaw, RU Intern (Spring)o

Casey Parrett, VT Intern (Spring/Fall)

Morgan Knott, JMU Intern (Summer 2016)

Advertising Executives:  Any Current Members


Valerie Abbott-McCune, Val’s Vineyard

Dee Dean, Mary Kay

Karen Osborne, Ceremonies for All

Shirley Gillispie, Green-Eye Designs

Kitty Gainer, Filmhaus Video & Photography

Morgan Knott, JMU Intern

Annual Make a Wedding Wish Come True:

Marivic Gallimore, Founder-Overseer

Trista Clevinger, Member

Jaya Matthews, Member

Hannah Campbell, Member