Exhibitor Tips

Why Be A Vendor In a Bridal Show?

National research shows that nearly 40% of brides attend a bridal show during their planning process.  With 2.2 million  US weddings each year that means bridal shows attract over 900,000 engaged couples eager to book products and services for their weddings.  Can you really afford to miss 40% of your target audience?

Getting in front of Brides:  The best way to reach the bride is in person. A local bridal show is a cooperative effort to create a wedding mall for brides to be able to plan their wedding in one day. And with brides waiting until the last minute to complete their wedding plans many are coming to shows ready to book. A bridal show gives you the opportunity to create an exhibit that reflects what you do.

Promote The Show Through Your Business:  If every wedding professional in the show promoted the show as if it were their show, the response would be double for everyone involved. promote the show through your business. Tell brides to stop by your booth and register for show specials. Create excitement!

Wedding Professional Referrals:  Participating in local bridal shows is an important, and often overlooked, opportunity to build a strong referral network.  Bridal shows are often the largest meeting place of wedding professionals. Although everyone is focused on meeting the brides who attend the show, with a little creativity and effort the shows can also be a great way to extend your network and strengthen your established relationships with other vendors. Best of all, it costs nothing extra!

Consider the following tips for maximizing networking opportunities at a bridal show:

  • Don’t rush in and out!
  • Connect with other vendors during lunch or breaks.
  • Be a good neighbor. Working cooperatively with exhibitors around you.
  • Consider requesting a booth location next to other vendors that you currently work with.

Working The Leads After The Show: Most bridal shows provide you with a list of brides attending the show. This offers a great opportunity to follow-up after the show. The most obvious ways are to call, to email or to send a postcard. While there are many opinions what works best, make sure you do something with the list. Talk with other participants and see what has worked for them. Many times the producer of the show may have some ideas for you.

Making a bridal show successful for you requires a great display, an enthusiastic staff and being ready to do business. It may be the hardest 4- 10 hours you ever work, but it will be the most profitable with the right attitude and a clear set of goals.

To learn more about how you can effectively have a successful participation at the bridal expo, learn from the expert himself. Here’s the excerpt from Professor Howard Feiertag’s presentation during the Exhibitor’s briefing and workshop, please view HERE.

For any questions about all our upcoming bridal shows, send email to: mgallimore@NRVBridalsAndEvents.org