Kitty Gainer, New NRVBE Ambassador


Kitty Gainer – Photographer and Editor

Kitty Gainer absolved a 3 year vocation as a photographer in a wedding photography studio in Germany to learn everything about wedding photography and the technical basics. After one year of graphic design school, she added a two year vocation in Film & Video editing. This vocation included camera work, audio recording and editing.

She worked many years as a news and documentary editor for various German TV stations. Since her move to the United States in 2006, she produced wedding videos, web content and commercials; and has had served many happy customers since then.

Her company Filmhaus was a finalist for “Best at the Grand Strand” five years in a row. Kitty has a beautiful and unique style in shooting wedding videos, her professional training always ensures broadcast quality results.

Filmhaus Video & Photography is a proud member of NRV Bridals and Events.

For all your video and photography needs, you may Contact:

Kitty Gainer
Owner, Filmhaus Video & Photography
(540) 750 3225