NEW Membership Pricing



$3995 VALUE

MONTHLY & QUARTERLY EVENTS Free Networking and some quarterly events with minimal charge
BRIDAL EXPO, 1-2 Annual Shows Guaranteed booth.
MAGAZINE ANNUAL AD 1 Full Page, magazines will be included to brides' swag bags at our sponsored bridal shows & special events.
WORKSHOPS Offering once every quarter
WEB BANNER Business ad included in website's opening page.
Web & Print Directory Online listing Included. Participating exhibitors will be included in printing materials at bridal shows.
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  • Credit card processing fee of 3% per transaction will be added.
  • 2015-2016 Membership Renewals are waived for Members in good standing.
  • In 2017, Membership renewals have been extended and waived for Members in good standing; and this includes our Show Exhibitors at the Feb. 19, 2017 bridal show who are also in good standing.
  • Upon submission of your membership form; the executive committee will review the application and someone will be contacting the applicant directly.
  • Member benefits are subject to change; executive committee may approve the changes anytime during the year.
  • All Trade membership; subject for approval, excludes magazine ad with the Virginia Weddings, our local member-owned publication.
  • Details about Membership and Sponsorship benefits, please click HERE.